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Wallpaper Removal

The Best Wallpaper Removal Service

The time has come to remove your old wallpaper. There are many reasons to make the change. Maybe your teen daughter no longer loves the ballerina print in her bedroom. Maybe your kitchen needs a modern look. Whatever the case, don’t make the mistake of pasting over your existing wallpaper. This causes damage to your walls and is difficult to remove; it’s also unsightly. We can prevent that mistake. Superior Plus Painting LLC will remove all traces of your old wallpaper to put up something new, fresh, and exciting.

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Effective Wallpaper Removal

Hire Superior Plus Painting LLC to help you with your wallpaper removal needs, and expect nothing but the best. We take pride in the work we provide our clients, so you should trust us for the job.

When you tell us about the job you need us to do, we’ll tell you our plan. We’ll walk you through the process beforehand and then thoroughly complete the job. Your walls will be ready for repainting, new wallpaper, or anything you want once we’re finished.

Removing Wallpaper Safely

Like any job where climbing up a ladder is part of the work, safety is important. When you work with Superior Plus Painting LLC to help you with your wallpaper removal needs, you can count on the fact that we’ll be taking the proper safety precautions the entire time we’re working on your property.

We are fully licensed and insured to do what we do, and we’ll present our credentials to you if you ask for them. Your comfort is important to us if you want to work with a responsible contractor who will help you remove your wallpaper.

Clean Wallpaper Removal Contractors

We promise to leave your property cleaner than when we found it! While working, we are always conscious of the state of our client’s property. After all, removing wallpaper shouldn’t leave your home a mess. Other contractors don’t care about that as much as we do.

We will greatly protect your property from any potential messes throughout the removal process. Once we’re finished, we’ll wrap up all the wallpaper in the protective plastic and walk away. You’ll be left with fresh, wallpaper-less walls and a clean home.

Save Time! Hire Superior Plus Painting LLC for Wallpaper Removal Now

One of the less thought-of benefits of hiring a team like Superior Plus Painting LLC to help you with your wallpaper removal needs is the time you’ll save!

If you decide to use DIY methods, you might unintentionally start a slapstick comedy routine in your home—only you won’t be the one laughing. At-home wallpaper removal almost always ends up in frustration. Unless you’re familiar with rental steamers, scrapers, and other equipment, you won’t have the best time doing it independently.

Contact Superior Plus Painting LLC for easy wallpaper removal and save yourself time (and frustration). When you have the local experts helping you remove your wallpaper, you can sit back and enjoy your day however you want.

We promise our service is worth the price! Contact us now to learn more about our wallpaper service and schedule your very own.

Highly Reviewed Local Wallpaper Removal

If you’re still stuck in the research phase of your search for the perfect wallpaper removal company, please seek out the reviews our past clients have left us.

When you consult those testimonials, you’ll notice a common thread. You’ll see our past clients complimenting us on our hard work, how fast we completed the job, our overall friendliness throughout the service, and the great prices we offer!

If you want to make the most of the area’s best wallpaper removal service, we recommend you give us a call now. We’re sure you’ll like what you hear.

Why Remove Wallpaper?

Anyone you ask will agree that cracked, peeling, or faded wallpaper looks messy. Plus, old-fashioned wallpaper isn’t desirable to buyers, and lowers the resale value of your home. Nothing dates a house more than old wallpaper. A gaudy print from the 1950’s or 1980’s just doesn’t fit in a modern household.

Removing your old wallpaper gives you many options to:

  • Apply modern wallpaper
  • Apply paint for a minimalist look
  • Apply faux finish for an interesting textured look

Whatever you choose, you must first make sure that your old wallpaper is properly removed.

Your Wallpaper Removal Professionals

You may think removing wallpaper is easy, but that’s not always true. Different types of wallpaper need different approaches. Damage, age, and faulty applications can also make the process difficult. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could damage your walls and make everything look worse. To make your walls look their best, you need a team of professionals to do it right: that’s Superior Plus Painting LLC.

We’re a skilled team of workers with experience, know-how, and strong work ethic. We’re highly trained in all aspects of wallpaper removal. We’ll use our special process to remove your wallpaper safely and correctly.

How We Do It

Using a special multi-step process, we’ll remove your old wallpaper and prep your walls for fresh paint or a new wallpaper application.

  • First, we apply a special primer to get the walls ready for wallpaper removal.
  • Next, we gently lift the old wallpaper off using special tools, and closely examine the wall for damage and residue.
  • We carefully wash and clean your walls to remove any traces of dirt, glue, or old wallpaper.
  • Then we repair and sand your walls to get them looking brand-new. This makes the new application easy and efficient.
  • The last step is to apply primer. After that, you have the choice of painting over your walls, or applying brand-new wallpaper.

We have experience with many types of wallpapers. We know how to remove everything from fabric to vinyl coating, including vintage and modern wallpaper. We’re also experienced in removing difficult and improperly applied wallpaper. We’ll make the process simple and efficient and clean up afterwards.

Don’t let your home become a time capsule. Get rid of that old wallpaper and start fresh with Superior Plus Painting LLC.

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