Wallpaper Removal in Athens

It may be hard to admit, but it’s time to get rid of that old wallpaper and start anew. There’s nothing that dates a household more than old-fashioned wallpaper. The flower pattern that looked cute and charming twenty years ago just seems tacky today. And your teenage son has surely outgrown that fire truck print. On the other hand, you may still love your wallpaper, but want to remove it in order to resell your home. Whatever your reasons may be, Superior Plus Painting LLC will make sure the wallpaper removal process is done effectively, thoroughly, and correctly.

Remove Your Worn-Out Wallpaper

It doesn’t take an expert to know that damaged wallpaper is unattractive. Cracked, peeling, or water damaged wallpaper creates an eyesore that’s hard to ignore. Removing your old wallpaper gives you plenty of options for redecorating, including:

  • Applying new wallpaper
  • Adding a coat of paint for a modest look
  • Applying faux finish for a textured or patterned effect

The possibilities are endless! But first, you must ensure that your old wallpaper is removed properly.

The Wallpaper Removal Experts

Wallpaper removal is challenging for the average person. Most find it so overwhelming, so they choose to paste over their existing wallpaper. This is a bad idea for many reasons. The biggest problem is that this approach damages your walls. It also looks unsightly when wallpaper cracks or peels revealing the old pattern underneath. Instead of resorting to this method, call Superior Plus Painting LLC. We’re fully trained in all aspects of wallpaper removal. We’ll make the process easy, efficient, and smooth. It’ll be like your wallpaper was never there in the first place. That’s why we’re one of the leading wallpaper removal services in Athens.

How It’s Done

Removing wallpaper is a special process that requires a number of steps. Superior Plus Painting LLC has the necessary experience and tools to make sure that this is done right. We carefully follow each step in our multi-step process to give you the best service possible and preserve your walls.

  • The first step is to apply a special primer to get your walls ready for the wallpaper removal process. This is the most important step in the process as it is designed to minimize any damage.
  • Next, we use a special tool to carefully remove the old layer of wallpaper.
  • Our third step is to examine your walls for any traces of glue, dirt, or wallpaper residue, and then to remove them.
  • After that, we sand your walls to make them smooth. This also prepares them for a new layer of wallpaper (if you choose to apply it).
  • The last step is to apply another layer of primer. Afterwards you have the option of painting the wall, or applying a brand-new layer of wallpaper.

Whether you have fabric, vinyl, vintage, or modern wallpaper, we have the experience and know-how to remove it. We even know how to remove improperly applied wallpaper.

Don’t let that old wallpaper bring you down! Contact Superior Plus Painting LLC. We’re proud to service Athens for all your wallpaper removal needs.